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The Tattoo Studio Etiquette

When it comes to tattooing, almost all artists love what they do and are passionate about it, as it is their life and soul’s work. However, there are some aspects in the work of a tattoo artist. These are strange questions of clients, to which we can’t give an answer or don’t know how to give a correct one. In order to maintain the inspiration of any artist, Flame Wise Ink has prepared for you a few rules of etiquette, which we recommend to follow.


“Can I get a price for a sleeve?”

If it were that easy. Unfortunately, there is no studio that will answer this question, because the price can vary greatly depending on style, colour, size, location, complexity, and, of course, the artist. If you want to know the approximate price, you have to provide all the details of your desired tattoo and probably book a consultation to discuss every little element of your design with an artist, so they can give you an accurate quote. Proper consultation will ensure that both you and your artist are on the same page and design preparation will go smoothly.


“Can you finish my tattoo sleeve in one sitting?”

Each piece takes time and precise work of a tattoo artist. A sleeve requires a huge amount of work and it’s impossible to finish it in one session. Sometimes even your artist can’t give you the exact number but rather a ballpark of sessions that you have to book, simply because it depends on too many factors.

“I have to leave in 15 minutes. Can you hurry up?”

If the tattoo artist will be in a hurry to finish your tattoo, there might be a high chance that you will end up with a worse quality tattoo than you expected. Remember, a tattoo is a permanent piece, so we’d rather give an artist the time to finish it in a better and great way than live with a tattoo you are not completely satisfied with. Make sure you prepare for your tattoo appointment by arranging extra free time in case the tattoo will take a bit longer.

“I took a shot to be brave before coming here”

It’s important to mention that alcohol and certain medications are blood thinners and can cause complications during and after a tattoo session, so please, avoid them 24 hours before and after the session. Our tattoo artists will do their best to make your experience nice and enjoyable.

“Can my friends come with me to watch?”

It all depends on the artist as sometimes a tattoo artist can’t focus properly when there are too many people around the tattoo chair watching him. You can come with one friend or your parents if you are under 18. We want to point out that before you come unannounced with your friends for your session, call the tattoo studio and ask if it’s okay to bring somebody with you.
Due to COVID-19, many studios do not allow clients to bring their friends with them to keep everyone safe. At Flame Wise Ink we allow our clients to bring one friend or a family member.

“Can you make the identical tattoo as this person has? I want it”

We’d say that this is one of the most unethical questions as we are not in a movie where you can come to a tattoo salon and choose a piece from a catalogue that lots of people chose before you. All real artists are, first of all, creating but not copying. They want to create a tattoo related to your personality or something you like. If you come with the tattoo picture you want to copy, we will try to persuade you to do something similar but not doing exactly the same. If you come with an image that you took, such as a photo of the flowers you planted in your backyard, or a portrait of your pet, then we can “copy” and transfer it to your body.


“I’m late” or “I want to cancel my appointment that should be in two hours”

Some clients think it’s okay to be late or cancel it a couple of hours before a session, thinking that the artist will understand and it’s no big deal. There is always a chance that something unexpected might happen, and if it does, please contact the studio or let the artist know that you’re late or have to reschedule. Studio has the right to keep the deposit, if you didn’t show up without any particular reason.


“I don’t need your healing process recommendations, I already know how to take care of it”

We just want to highlight that we are a licensed tattoo studio that has been offering tattoo services for years, so we know a huge amount of information about how the healing process has to go and what to use to make sure your tattoo heals nicely. So, please, think twice before rejecting any suggestions or healing creams recommendations. We don’t want you to have any health problems or tattoo issues, but try to ensure that you’ll get the best tattoo experience.


If you think we didn’t answer your question here, please feel free to contact our studio and we will be happy to help you. 


About the Author

About the Author

Flame Wise Ink is a progressive tattoo studio located in Toronto that offers a wide variety of styles done by the best tattoo artists with an individual approach.