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Before you do a tattoo on your body, you should have a mini checklist of essential items such as: 

  • choose a tattoo studio that will fully comply with all health regulations (so that later you can be sure that you will not have any health problems), 
  • choose a tattoo artist who works with a particular tattoo style that you want and can do a great work on your design (realism, illustrative, traditional, etc.). 

After these two points, many people also look at the meaning of the tattoo that will stay with them since it is a permanent piece. Many people believe that the meaning also plays an important role and affects their life or already represents their lifestyle and personality.  Today Flame Wise Ink wants to share with you the first part of the article, where we will discuss some descriptions for different tattoos.



According to popular symbolism, the lotus is the flower of peace and stability. Among the possible meanings of the tattoo are silence, oblivion, hardness. The flower acts as an embodiment of the interaction of masculine and feminine principles, their harmony. This is associated with the structure of the lotus, its appearance. They also gave rise to another interpretation: according to Jamvlich, this plant is a symbol of perfection, as its leaves, fruits and flowers form a circle.

In some cases, the symbolic meaning of the lotus is a symbol of glory. Sometimes a tattoo with it means fantasy. In addition, the lotus represents light and sunshine, and thus life. In the Mayan culture context, the plant is an image of the earth and the universe, a meaning also consonant with Indian beliefs. 



The meaning of the butterfly tattoo in European culture is a symbol of the soul, rebirth and a new life. This concept is closely connected with real butterflies. An unattractive caterpillar transforms into a beautiful butterfly, surprising the world with its transformation. So the tattoo designs with the image of a butterfly is a symbol of reincarnation, the beginning of a new life.   

As surprising as it sounds, a tattoo featuring this light-winged creature was a symbol of military strength in Mexico. The Maya had a belief that the souls of warriors who died on the battlefield, turn into butterflies and then flutter over the battlefields.

Another common meaning of the butterfly tattoo is freedom and a free spirit. In nature, butterflies fly easily and freely, their image, applied to the body, gives the person a piece of freedom and lightness.



The rose is an amazing flower that has gained enormous popularity in tattoo art. Today they are equally loved by everyone, the only difference may be in the design of the sketch. However, rose tattoos have not only a stunning appearance, but also deep meaning.

The meaning is deeply religious, in particular, the rose red tattoo symbolizes the blood of Jesus Christ, forgiveness and mercy.

The rose tattoo is also often used as a counterpart to the popular Yin and Yang symbol. In this case, the flower itself stands for femininity, and the thorns themselves on the rose – masculinity. The same meaning has the rose tattoo in the form of intertwined dark prickly and light flowers without thorns – a combination of feminine and masculine, good and evil, light and dark, together symbolizing complete harmony.


If you have any questions or want to read descriptions about your present and/or future tattoos, feel free to contact our studio and we will post it in our next article.

About the Author

About the Author

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