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Tattoo Meaning. Part 2

As lots of people saw our previous article about tattoo descriptions and most of you asked to continue writing such articles, here we are with part №2. Flame Wise Ink also received lots of inquiries from our beloved clients to write about these specific tattoos. 

Koi Fish

As the eastern mythology states, it is the koi fish that, having passed many tests, is capable of becoming a real river dragon. The koi is a symbol of purposefulness and ability to achieve any goals, including those that most people simply can’t. The koi is rightfully considered a talisman capable of bringing good luck to its owner. In this case, it should be noted that the larger the tattoo of this koi fish, the stronger its energetic influence on the person. If you want to get a tattoo with this koi fish good luck symbol, keep in mind that the red color in Eastern countries is a sign of femininity.


A tattoo of a bird always means something sublime is the desire for vast expanses of heaven, reverie, a tendency to daydream, a sense of flight and weightlessness. In most cultures, the bird is firmly associated with freedom, the divine will. 

The meaning of the bird tattoo can also be associated with the desire to acquire the wanted qualities. In the past, people pictured a man with a bird’s head in hopes of gaining spirituality and immortality. In America, birds were ascribed supernatural talents that symbolized the ability to obey the elements, and it wasn’t only the element of air. The bird was a participant in the creation of the world at large.


Tattoos with the image of sakura are closely associated with Eastern culture. Perhaps this plant can be safely called the most ancient, the most beautiful and the most famous symbol of the Land of the Rising Sun. And indeed, the color of the sakura is fascinating and tattoos with these delicate pale pink petals have already managed to gain mad popularity among people.

In Japan, the sakura symbolizes innocence and youth. The cherry blossoms, falling in gusts of strong wind, embody a tenderness and naivety that is almost impossible to preserve in modern life. But there is another meaning of this tattoo, indicating the great endurance and strength of its owner. Sakura, despite its fragility, blooms in a very harsh climate.

If you have any questions or want to read descriptions about your present and/or future tattoos, feel free to contact our studio and we will post it in our next article.

About the Author

About the Author

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