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Cannabis VS. Tattoo Session

As you’ve already understood, in this article we will talk about cannabis and why all tattoo artists highly do not recommend using it before a tattoo session. Flame Wise Ink will cover topics such as cannabis’s impact on your body, how cannabis influences your organism during a tattoo session and when you can use cannabis after getting your tattoo.


1) Blood

Cannabis as well as alcohol has almost the same effect on the body i.e. thinning the blood, increasing blood pressure and also speeds up the heart rate. It may cause complications during and after a tattoo session, so please, avoid consuming it 24 hours before and after the session. If you are a steady user, your organism probably used to this, so you should be fine. However, you have to double check this with your tattoo artist and studio when it will be a good time to consume it. 


2) Pain

First of all, we want to highlight that we don’t know your body and can’t tell you exactly how you’ll feel after consuming Cannabis. Flame Wise Ink can only tell you about the pain based on our clients’ words, which fall into two categories: 

  1. those who smoked and felt less pain;
  2. those whose sensitivity has heightened and they felt everything with double force.


There is no formula for how exactly you and your body will behave. You can try and hope for the best, but we recommend not to, as our tattoo artists care about our clients and try to do everything to make a client feel comfortable and relaxed.


“When is the right time to smoke if I want to?”

So, if you have the question, when you can smoke or take edibles, the best time is after your tattoo session, if you are a steady user. As you may know, Cannabis has lots of components that influence the body. Some of the effects are faster healing, anti-inflammatory effect and anti-microbial benefit. If you don’t normally consume cannabis, then please avoid any cannabis products 24 hours after your tattoo session, even if it has some positive effects. Your tattoo artists will give you lots of recommendations on how properly your tattoo aftercare should go, what to use and what you have to do on what day.

If you still have any questions, want to book an appointment or a free consultation, don’t be afraid to contact us and we are always excited to help our family.

About the Author

About the Author

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