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Sun VS. Tattoo

Many people with tattoos always hear the recommendation to protect their tattoos from the sun and apply sunscreen. Some of them decide that it’s a small thing and if they skip this step, nothing will happen to the tattoo. So, Flame Wise Ink is going to tell you why tattoo artists so strongly recommend using sun protection. 

We believe that most of our clients know that the sun exposes UV rays that are harmful to people’s bodies and may cause sunburn, cancer, premature skin aging and also boost tattoo fading effect..

If you live in a place where it’s always warm and sunny (such as California or Florida), just try to hide your fresh tattoo from the sun. However, there are some cases when clients say that they got a tattoo in the cold season because it’s easier to take care of it than in summer. If you live in Canada, you know that in winter we wear puffers and super warm pants, so your tattoo stays safe and sound, just try to wear something that is not tight.


Which sunscreen should I use?

If you have a question which sunscreen you should use, We highly suggest you to get Vegan Sunblock 70 Balm Tattoo SPF50 as this ointment has 5% of Dexpanthenol and Sepitonic M3 that were made specifically for a tattooed skin or you can use any SPF 50/60 cream you like. This Balm tattoo also moisturizes and helps to regenerate the skin.

How often should I apply it?

First of all, sunscreen should be applied not only outdoors in direct sunlight, but also in cloudy weather. It will definitely prevent your tattoo from fading. Once you apply sunscreen on your tattooed skin, Flame Wise Ink suggests you reapply it according to the instructions that are written on the sunscreen bottle. We know that sometimes everyone can forget to apply sunscreen, so we recommend always carrying a travel size sunscreen in your bag. 


Can I apply sunscreen on my fresh tattoo?

When you just got your new tattoo, the skin area is an open wound, so it should take time to fully heal. You can apply a moisturizer that your tattoo artist told you to use and stick to the aftercare recommendations. Before your tattoo is fully healed, try to hide it from UV rays, as they can cause a sunburn that will cause the tattoo to heal longer.

Normally, you can start applying sunscreen 4-6 weeks after you get your tattoo. If you have any doubts about the sunscreen, you can always confirm with your tattoo artist or studio when it is the right time to start using it.

We are here for you, so If you have any questions about the sunscreen or any other questions, feel free to contact our studio.

About the Author

About the Author

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