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The Whole Floral Tattoo Process With Sunshine

Thank you for choosing me as your potential artist! I am so excited to work with you on your new tattoo piece. I know it’s a really hard decision to choose a specific tattoo artist.

If you are still unsure, I’ve prepared some information of how my sessions look like, so you can take a sneak peak and decide if you’d like to book.

Before contacting me, you have to understand and decide what design elements you want to get. If it’s just a flower, what exactly do you want? (peony, rose, cherry blossom, etc.). If it’s a bird or animal, what kind? You can always use my Instagram profile for your inspiration. You can also save some images from the web and we’ll use it as a reference. 

Here is a checklist for you:

  1. I chose my future design/ prepared references.
  2. I decided what the size will be (currently I work with 7+ inches tattoos).
  3. I determined the tattoo placement. I also took a photo of it and circled the desired area (I need a photo for your own convenience, as I draw a potential design that goes with your body flow).
  4. Determine the time you want to get it done. 

When you’ve finished the checklist, fill out the form on the website and mention my name. 

After you send me all the info from step 1, I will be able to give you a quote and a date when you can come. If you are happy with these two and would like to proceed with the booking, I’ll ask you to send a deposit which will be deducted from the final tattoo session price. If you would like to review our policy, I’ll leave you a link here.

What should you do or avoid 2 WEEKS before your tattoo session?


Body Cream: First of all, most of my clients know that using body cream on a daily basis is essential. It not only moisturizes your skin and makes it illuminating, but also prepares it for a tattoo session. If you want to get better results and a faster healing process, moisturize your skin for at least 2 weeks before your tattoo session. 


Skin Damages: If you have any scratches, bruises or other damages on your skin, please, notify me and we will rearrange your time as I can’t tattoo over any damages for safety reasons. Ideally, try to avoid anything that might damage your skin. 

Skin Concerns: If you have any skin concerns, such as eczema, dermatitis, acne, birthmarks or other skin conditions, contact your doctor first and ask their opinion and then contact me and we will discuss it as normally I cannot tattoo over skin concerns.

Swimming / Tanning: My dear, If you are planning to get a tattoo and then after a week you will go to the sea or have a tanning appointment, cancel one of the two. You must understand that after you get a tattoo, you will not be allowed to swim or tan for the next 3 weeks. 

Sport / Physical Activities: Lots of people can’t live without it, some of them have a job related to physical activities. I understand that it’s hard to live without it, but you have to arrange your gym membership and freeze it for one week after you get your tattoo. If you don’t go to the gym and you move a lot at work, then take two days off. I recommend resting after the session, otherwise it will make the healing process more complicated and might affect the line quality. 

For Pet Lovers: I know how hard it is to leave your small friends aside, but I strongly suggest to “break up” with your fluffy cuties for at least 2 weeks. Sharing a bed, cuddling or being in other close contact with them may cause an allergy, infection or other harmful illnesses. They also can scratch the bandage during the first 5 days, therefore, you can get an infection under your tattoo covering.

Menstrual Cycle: I decided to cover this info too as it is really important. If your app shows that you’ll have the tattoo session during your menstruation, it is better not to get a big tattoo as you may experience higher sensitivity.

Alcohol: Everyone knows the phrase “a little party never killed nobody”. But if it comes to a tattoo session, I don’t recommend drinking and having a crazy party 24 hours before and after your appointment, as it will make your blood thinner. 

Clothes: If you want to save your best clothes, then wear pieces that are both comfortable and you won’t feel sad if the ink will reach them. However, I usually take some cool pictures of tattoos I made, so I will be glad if you can take some outfits for our photo session, preferably something in pastel colours. Let’s be creative together. 

Snack: I always tell my clients to take some snacks with them. It can be everything that doesn’t have a smell (cookies, protein bars or shakes, a sandwich). When it comes to tattooing, your body needs extra energy.

Entertainment: I normally work with complicated pieces that take a couple of hours. In case you get bored, feel free to take earphones, charges, your electronic devices, everything that will help you not get bored. 

Shave, Shave, Shave: I ask you to gently shave the specific area with water and soap or foam a night before your appointment. If you don’t know how or afraid of cutting yourself, don’t worry, come in and I will shave you before the session. 

Sleep Cycle:  Your body needs some good quality sleep. But during your tattoo appointment, it will need it with more force. It’ll also increase the risk of your skin becoming inflamed.

Lifehack: If you are planning to get a 7+ inches tattoo, It’d be great if you take a small pillow with you. You can always hug it or put it between your legs, so it will help you not to become sore, make you feel like home and calm you down. 

I do not use anesthesia, usually you won’t even experience pain during the session with me. This is because of my technique – fine lines and light shading that do not traumatize skin a lot. If it is needed, I can apply Bactine to reduce the redness at the end of the session. 


Breakfast: As I already mentioned, your body will need lots of energy during the appointment. Take a good breakfast, so you will decrease the chance to experience insomnia or low blood sugar.

Arrive On Time: If you’re always late or you’re about to leave home in a rush, don’t do it. Plan what time you need to depart to be in the tattoo studio in advance. 


Drinks / Medications: I ask you not to drink strong black coffee, strong tea, energy drinks or any vasodilators as it will also make your blood thinner and can cause complications.

The Process:

Final Design: I draw complicated elements (animals, bigger flowers) and present them to you during the appointment. Usually, I prepare more than we need, so you have a choice. I am open to changes, but I ask you not to change the idea completely, for example if you inquired about the wolf and roses earlier and now you want a cat with cherry blossoms.

Final Design Creation: I’ll print  the elements and we will “play” with puzzles. Don’t be stressed, here comes teamwork and I always pay attention to my clients’ comments and preferences. We will fit the pieces on a targeted skin area, find a perfect placement and size for each one and make a full and harmonious look on your body. Once we are both satisfied with the result, I will transfer the stencil and freehand all additional elements that we have discussed. 

Final Look: After the design is drawn, I will give you a time in front of the mirror, so you can take a look at the final design and check how you feel about it.

Shading: As you know, almost all my works are made with shading. The last step before tattooing is discussing the level of shading.

Tattoo Process: Tattoo process sometimes can be hard for my clients, so we will take some breaks in between, so you will have time to grab a snack, use the washroom and stretch.



After we are done, I’ll leave you again in front of the mirror to check the result and after this we will go to the studio’s photo zone to create some beautiful pictures. After this step I will put a bandage on your tattooed area and provide you with all the recommendations about tattoo aftercare. If you will forget about any advice, you can always check it HERE.

You do not need to buy anything in advance for the tattoo aftercare. After the appointment I will tell you everything and you can get all you need at the studio. For my tattoos, I usually use Hypafix bandage for healing.

Ready to book your tattoo with me?

About the Author

About the Author

Flame Wise Ink is a progressive tattoo studio located in Toronto that offers a wide variety of styles done by the best tattoo artists with an individual approach.