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How the Sun Influence My Tattoo through the Years

In the last article we explained to you why your tattoo becomes 10-15% duller 2 months after the session. This blog post will also be useful and knowledgeable as Flame Wise Ink will tell you why a tattoo might likely become barely visible or disappear from your body.



Let’s remind ourselves that the Sun is a super active star in our solar system. If it’s far away from us, it doesn’t mean that it’s not harmful for us in any way.The temperature of the Sun is 15 million degrees Celsius. We also want to emphasize that it’s a kind of activator of cancer cells and can lead to skin cancer, so please, use sunscreen. 

But why does it hurt my tattoo in particular? If you know how a laser that removes tattoos works, we’re halfway there. But let’s figure it out. When we resort to laser tattoo removal, it can be seen how the tattoo immediately becomes much lighter from the laser discharges. Basically, the Sun is the same laser, but which has a weaker effect on us during one interaction with it.

When our tattoo is often exposed to such a weak “laser” charge, over the years it naturally becomes duller, some parts of the tattoo fall out and become blurred. Our body reacts in such a way that when our tattoo is exposed to the Sun, the pigment under the skin breaks down. When it breaks down into small fragments, they are pulled out by the cells of the immune system. Thus there are empty parts in our tattoo.

In order to prevent any of the effects we have listed on your tattoo, we have recommendations for tattoo care. One of the most important things is sunscreen. We’ve talked about it many times and explained why you should use it. If you have even the smallest tattoo and don’t want it to disappear, sunscreen is your best friend and a masthave in tattoo care. All the information regarding sunscreen you can find here.

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About the Author

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