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Infected Tattoos

Before we start explaining and making recommendations on how to care for and treat an infected tattoo, we want to say that infection depends on various things. A few examples are your skin concerns, how it reacts to the bandage (second skin), how you take care of the fresh tattoo, sun exposure and others. 


There is a small percentage of people who have had a tattoo and it developed some kind of spots or small pustules. If you got a tattoo in a studio where both the artist and the place are sanitary cleaned, it means that your skin was exposed to another factor which gave this effect of infection. Today, Flame Wise Ink will tell you what can happen to your skin and how to treat it.

If you don’t follow your tattoo artist’s recommendations for tattoo aftercare, there’s a chance your tattoo could fester. Let us explain how it might happen. When you have already removed the bandage, you have a step-by-step rule, which includes daily tattoo care for the duration of the healing process. This includes properly washing your tattoo with soap and applying a specific cream. There is also advice about what should not touch your tattoo. For example, you shouldn’t let your pets near your tattoo for two weeks. We also want to remind you that your fresh tattoo is like an open wound that you have to treat with a special approach.

Sometimes people want to get a tattoo, but they have various skin concerns or diagnosis. There are also clients who are prone to various allergies or are already allergic. In such cases, we highly recommend you to consult your doctor.

There are cases when small pustules form under the bandage, similar to pimples. This means that you are either allergic to the bandage, or you got your tattoo in summer and have a more sensitive skin during that season. In this case, you have to contact your tattoo artists and likely you will be asked to remove the bandage. For further treatment, visit a doctor. Sometimes tattoo artists recommend buying you a special treatment that can help with inflammation.

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If you have any other questions about the infected tattoos, we highly suggest you contact your doctor or the tattoo artist. Remember, your health is much more important than taking a risk and getting a tattoo.

About the Author

About the Author

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