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Photo and Video Content In our Studio

Nowadays, online resources and social media have become an integral part of our lives. We really care about our customers, and that’s one of the main reasons why we ask you to stay 5 minutes longer and take all the shots. Today Flame Wise Ink will tell you how our studio is different and why it is so important for us to make all that content.

Many of our clients who come back to us always know that during the tattoo session we always come up and film the process with our beautiful tattoo artists. When the tattoo is ready, they know that they will always be asked to come to our photo booth to shoot photos and video content. But first, let’s make it clear why we don’t do photo shoots for everyone. Sometimes we have clients who do not feel comfortable when they are being filmed and due to this, they refuse our proposition. There are also cases when the client is in a hurry and the content team doesn’t have enough time to create post session content.

Speaking of photography, you can go to us on Instagram and see that we always show tattoos from different angles in posts. If there is 1 photo in a post, then more content was in our stories. In fact, we take a lot of photos as we want to show you everything in detail. We also care about our artists, for whom every photo is a chance to add to their portfolio. The more portfolio the tattoo artist has, so you can see more finished work you can see and understand which artist suits you more in style.

Last but not least is video. If you visit any of our social media, for example Instagram, TikTok or Pinterest, you will notice that every video contains fragments of tattoos in motion. When a person just stands and does not move, respectively, a tattoo also does not show its potential in any way. A tattoo in most cases looks beautiful and professional when it is in a motionless state. But in fact professionalism is shown when your tattoo goes with the body flow and it still looks beautiful when you move. 

We also want to make a small note. If you want to take pictures of the tattoo on your phone or get footage from us, don’t be afraid and just ask. We are always happy to help you or share pictures of your tattoo. Just when our team is done in the photo booth, ask them and leave your contacts i.e. email or instagram nickname.

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About the Author

About the Author

Flame Wise Ink is a progressive tattoo studio located in Toronto that offers a wide variety of styles done by the best tattoo artists with an individual approach.