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Tattoos That Are Dedicated to Our Pets

Everyone has someone we love so much. For some of us it’s a family member, for others it might be a soulmate or a friend. But today we are going to discover tattoos dedicated to our beloved and lovable pets. Flame Wise Ink family will show you a couple of examples of tattoos our clients made with us in the honor of their animals, and we will dive into this atmosphere of memories.


Let’s remember those moments when we come home and they come running to greet us. Or maybe they sit in their seats and look in our direction with this face as if asking the question “well, where have you been?” Remember when we played and walked with our pets, the first meeting, toys and “wounds”. How they ran wildly around the hall or outside for joy.

We had many clients who dedicated tattoos to their animals. But today we are going to show you 2 of them. The first tattoo depicts a little puppy looking in the reflection of the water and seeing a wolf. If you look closely, the wolf appears to us with the face of a dog because it was a Husky breed, as wild and loving. But why on the top was a little puppy? In such an appearance, the owner wanted to remember his pet, which had to be taken care of and always paid attention.

On the second tattoo, it’s very simple. The picture of this tattoo gives the person looking at it the whole story. Let’s take it apart together. We see the hand of a man who already has a tattoo. To the left of the hand is a picture of a pet that is already tattooed on the body. Accordingly, the man came with the photo to the tattoo artist, as he wanted to leave a visible mark on his life after the passing of his beloved dog.

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About the Author

About the Author

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