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There are plenty of options when it comes to choosing which type of design and style your next tattoo will be. However, have you ever considered getting inked in colour? If you’re still deciding if you want to get a tattoo, this article will give you a brief guide that’s all about colours!

No doubt seeing tints can trigger feelings, and some colour tones can target specific emotions that interact with the audience that can have a cathartic moment. Hence, they are often used in art; it’s an aesthetic choice that can reflect a particular moment in time, personality, and feelings. All of this is no different from getting your tattoos in colour. Getting a colourful design can change how it looks or feels. 

Such tattoos are indeed fascinating, as they can reveal one’s personality and inner self. You can discover your personality through a test that’s associated with four colours: orange, blue, green, and gold. This test works by answering questions about your likes and dislikes and identifying your primary personality test colour. Each of them represents a trait. For example, orange is associated with spontaneity and being adventurous; blue represents creativity and strong imagination; gold is all about independence and strength and people who choose green are more likely to be inventors! Which colour best represents you?

Okay, maybe you don’t want a tattoo that’s too introspective. Maybe you just want a tattoo that represents your feelings. Regardless, adding colours into a design can trigger those and add to the overall aesthetic of the tattoo.

In other meanings, blue represents freedom, peacefulness, and calmness, but it could also mean melancholy.

Maybe you want a tattoo in red? Some people like red for its dominant characteristic, but some also like it for its sensuality.

Maybe yellow is the motive?  – This is the pigment that many people associate with high-energy.

Alright, maybe you’re a nature kind of person who enjoys the greens? This earth colour is grounding and peaceful, but it could also exude elegance.

As you can see many of the tattoos look good in specific styles. These styles include Watercolour, Colour Realism, Dotwork, Japanese Traditional, American Traditional and Neo Traditional and Illustrative.

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About the Author

About the Author

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