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Interview: Cerf – Tattoo Artist

Thank you so much for all your warm comments on our last blog post. Your feedback let us know that you are interested and want to know more about our tattoo artists. 


Today, we’ll meet our next artist, Cerf.

She joined us in July, just three months ago. Cerf specializes in realism, colour tattoos, and portraits. Let’s start!

What was the first tattoo you got?

“It’s a small triangle on my chest. My favourite shape.”

What’s your favourite tattoo that you have?

“It’s a Chinese script and a sword on my forearm. It came from an anime called Gin Tama. The script means: Everyone is a jailbreaker of their own device. It’s my favourite one because it reminds me to always be open-minded and curious about the world.”

How did you become a tattoo artist? What’s your story? 

“I used to be a graphic designer, but I prefer fine art. I never thought I would be a tattoo artist. People are biased about tattoos in China, and we didn’t have a tattoo culture back then. After I came to Canada, I started getting tattoos and realized I can choose a career based on my interests. I did some research and found a place to learn tattoos. Now I’m living my best life every day!”

How did you choose your specific style, and why do you like it?

Cerf started taking drawing and painting lessons when she was 6-years-old. All these years of training made her good at realism. She also mentioned that she’s obsessed with Greek sculptures, antique paintings, and all earth-related stuff like plants and animals!

What’s your guilty pleasure and why? 

Cerf’s guilty pleasure is watching thriller or horror movies. She says they help her fall asleep.

Here are some tattoos Cerf did for our studio:

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About the Author

About the Author

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