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Interview: Steven Brooks – Tattoo Artist

Hello tattoo lovers! We want to thank you first for your wonderful feedback on previous parts of this segment. As our team keeps growing, we will post interviews regularly to introduce you to our new tattoo artists. 


Today, we’ll be interviewing one of our first artists, Brooks. 

He joined our team at the very beginning of Flame Wise Ink. Brooks is working with American Traditional tattoo style and doing both black and grey and colourful tattoos. We asked him a couple of our usual questions, so let’s get started!

What was the first tattoo you got?

His first tattoo was a scorpion on the shoulder done years ago. However, he mentioned that he covered this piece with a new one.

What’s your favourite tattoo that you have?

Since he is a fan of American Traditional tattoos, his favourite tattoo is the tiger on his chest. 

How did you become a tattoo artist? What’s your story? 

When he was young, he was drawn to art. At the same time, his favourite subject at school was biology. To this day, those two things are his favourite. One day, he decided to combine his two passions into one and became a tattoo artist.

How did you choose your specific style, and why do you like it?

He said that all styles are very beautiful in their own way. However, since the American Traditional style is one of the main styles that grew the whole culture of the tattoo industry, he chose this one. 

“American Traditional is a concentration on the basics of tattooing.” – Brooks

What’s your guilty pleasure and why?

Almost everyone has a guilty pleasure. However, Brooks says he has never had one.

Here are some of Brooks’s tattoos:

Ready to Book?

If you want to book your American Traditional style tattoo with Brooks, please contact us, and we will be happy to schedule your dream tattoo.

About the Author

About the Author

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