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Interview: Palena – Tattoo Artist

Another blog post means a new interview with one of our tattoo artists! This member recently joined our team and has already won many hearts with her work.

Meet Palena!

She loves wearing different hats and experimenting with makeup. Palena works with fine-line style and it looks like permanent body jewelry. She was also kind enough to answer our five questions. 

Let’s begin! 

What was the first tattoo you got?

When Palena was 16, her parents gave her permission for her first tattoo. She took a long time to choose the place, the tattoo, and the style, but she chose a floral tattoo slightly above her knee. She doesn’t regret that decision.

What’s your favourite tattoo that you have?

“When I worked in a tattoo studio in Israel, I met a girl who did cool colour tattoos. I looked at her work for a long time and finally decided to get one from her. That’s how a coloured toucan appeared on my arm. It remains my favourite to this day.” 

How did you become a tattoo artist? What’s your story? 

When she was working as an advertising manager back home, she didn’t like her job and found it boring. She decided to search for something inspiring for her. Palena remembered that she had been drawing ever since she could remember, so it was a great option for her!

How did you choose your specific style, and why do you like it?

Palena said, “I always tried to work in a gentle, magical, and detailed style. I work in this style because it reminds me of my vision of life.”

What’s your guilty pleasure and why? 

“My guilty pleasure is all about beauty shopping. I am obsessed with makeup products and skin care. I could spend hundreds on them. My favourite store is Sephora.”

Here are Palena’s tattoos that she made as a member of the Flame Wise Ink team:

Ready to Book?

If you want to book your fine-line tattoo with Palena, please contact us, and we will be happy to book your dream tattoo!

About the Author

About the Author

Flame Wise Ink is a progressive tattoo studio located in Toronto that offers a wide variety of styles done by the best tattoo artists with an individual approach.