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Analysis of Aftercare Part 1 – Tattoo Healing Stages

Analysis of Aftercare Part 1 – Tattoo Healing Stages

After you get your new tattoo at Flame Wise Ink, we want to ensure that your tattoo heals properly and looks great for years to come. For your tattoo to continue to look fresh, we provide each client with extensive information about tattoo healing stages and the DOs and DON’Ts of tattoo aftercare. In this blog, we’ll be focusing on the healing stages of your tattoo.  


To start, it’s essential to understand your tattoo’s healing process. 


STAGE 1 (Days 1-6):

The tattoo will be swollen and tender. It’s expected that your tattoo will ooze because of its status as an open wound. All of which get better after a few days. Light scabbing also begins at this time. 


STAGE 2 (Days 7-14): 

The scabbing will cause your new tattoo to be irritated and itchy. It will start flaking and continue to do so until the scabs, and other dead skin, fall off naturally. DON’T rub, pick or scratch the tattoo. Doing so puts your tattoo at risk of losing colour or getting infected. 


STAGE 3 (Days 15-30): 

By this time, your tattoo will look fully healed. However, the colouring may look lighter during these weeks. This is because the deeper layers of your skin haven’t fully healed. Thus, the aftercare procedures given to you by your tattoo artist should be continued. 


STAGE 4 (Past Weeks 4-6): 

The final hurrah of the healing process! From this point on, continue to moisturize the tattoo once a week at the very least. Also, apply sunscreen to the area whenever it’s directly exposed to sunlight.  



If you think you’re experiencing an allergic reaction and have symptoms such as redness, bumping, soreness, and extreme tenderness, please contact your tattoo artist or the studio as soon as possible! 


The healing process behind tattoos may seem long, but the results of a tattoo looking fresh for the future are worth it. If you have any questions or concerns, contact your tattoo artist or call our studio for any assistance. 

In the next blog, we’ll cover the DON’Ts of the tattoo process. Stay tuned! 

Arm tattoo is fresh. Thigh tattoo is healed

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