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Freehand Tattoos

Welcome back to our blog! Today we’ll look at freehand tattoos, a unique style offered at our studio. 



Freehand tattoos are a technique completed solely by hand and without using any stencils. The freehand process begins with the artist drawing directly onto the client’s skin instead of the usual design process of traditional tattoos, giving the artist more creative control. These freehand pieces compliment the body’s natural contours since they are directly designed on the skin. 



The freehand tattooing process brings each client benefits that differ from traditional tattoos. 

  • Freehand tattooing allows the artist to have artistic freedom. 


The artist’s true style and genius are shown through a design they feel best suits your body. 

  • Freehand tattoos flow better with the body.


Since the tattoo is designed on the client’s skin, their body shape is taken into account. The image is not distorted and awkward-fitting. Instead, the design compliments the body and its natural movements. 

  • Each freehand tattoo is unique. 


When opting for a freehand tattoo, you are selecting a design that cannot be replicated and is exclusive to you. Each freehand tattoo is tailored to your body and comes from the creative minds of you and the artist. 


  • The client can make modifications to the tattoo during the design process. 


During the sketching process, the client can decide whether or not they want to make any minor modifications to it. 

  • Freehand tattoos can add to pre-existing tattoos. 


These tattoos can help different finished pieces connect and fill in any gaps surrounding them. 

  • Freehand tattoos come in different styles. 


Like traditional tattoos, freehand tattoos come in different styles, such as realism, abstract, etc. 



The freehand tattoo process doesn’t have as many steps as the usual tattoo process since there is no stencil stage. However, the freehand process tends to take longer because of the original on-skin design.


The process is as follows: 

  1. The artist and client discuss the tattoo concept, design, style, and other elements. 
  2. The artist cleans the tattoo area, removing any bacteria and body oils. The markers will look pronounced on the skin because the body oils are cleaned.
  3. The artist then shaves the tattoo area. This fully preps the skin for the remainder of the process.
  4. The tattoo is lightly drawn on the skin. 
  5. Details are added to the tattoo outline using darker markers. The tattoo image is fully visible. 
  6. After the design is drawn on, the artist sanitizes the marker with disinfecting wipes. 
  7. Lastly, the design is looked at by both the artist and the client. Final revisions are made, and the artist begins the tattoo. 


Note: Following the design reveal, the client decides whether they want to move forward with the design or if they want the artist to tweak or redraw the design if they want to switch placements. 

The sketching stages vary in length but typically take 30 minutes or longer because the design is entirely original and complements the body’s flow. All sketch marks are removed throughout the tattoo process. 

A freehand tattoo requires absolute trust in your artist and their creativity. Your ability to do so will result in a beautiful, original piece fitted for your body! 

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About the Author

About the Author

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