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Why Hand, Neck, Finger Tattoos May Not Be Worth the Hype



Please, read this disclaimer before your tattoo appointment in order to prevent yourself from a bad decision.

Flame Wise Ink warns you about the possible consequences of getting a hand, finger, foot, neck, face, head, and/or lip tattoo(s), and educates you why results may come out not as good as you expected.

We DO NOT recommend, and DO NOT guarantee that hand, finger, foot, neck, face, head, and/or lip tattoo(s) will not fade away within days/weeks/months. We hold NO responsibility over your tattoo as soon as you leave the shop. There is NO WAY we can PREDICT or PREVENT poor healing process of your tattoo.

Hand, Finger & Foot Tattoos

Biologically, your hands have different type of skin than the rest of your body, so they regenerate differently:

  • Palm skin regenerates faster than the back of your hand.

  • Both palm skin and back of your hand regenerate faster than the rest of your arm.

Same information applies to foot tattoos:

  • The sole of your feet regenerates faster than the top of your feet.

  • Both sole and top of your feet regenerate faster than the rest of your leg.

The whole problem is the skin regeneration speed because we are always shedding and regenerating new skin across our whole bodies, but the speed of the regeneration results in the uneven wearing of the tattoos in those placements.

That means, that if you have your tattoo done on the side of your hand/finger/foot, it will fade away unevenly.

If your tattoo goes from your arm/leg to the side of your hand/finger/foot, you will have three parts of your tattoo faded differently.

If a finger/foot tattoo is done on the side, it will fade away unevenly.

A tattoo done on the top of your arm will last longer, but eventually will fade away as well.

NOTE: Hand, finger & foot tattoos are NOT recommended and NOT guaranteed.

  • They fade quickly (within days/weeks/months) due to the nature of your skin.

  • Hands/feet always interact with other objects. Rubbing against anything will cause it to fade.

  • Hands/feet interact with each other, even when you bend your fingers/feet a little. It will cause fading.

Neck, Face & Head Tattoos

Yes, your neck, face and/or head do not interact with other objects as much as your hands. That does not mean that it would not be affected by other things:

  • Your neck is a very sensitive and painful — especially for men.

  • Neck, face and/or head are always being exposed to people — which might prevent you from getting a job.

  • Neck, face and/or are being exposed to sunlight — which negatively affects the state of a tattoo.

Lip Tattoos

Lip tattoos done on the inside or outside of your lips are always a bad idea. We DO NOT recommend and DO NOT guarantee that lip tattoos will heal well since:

  • Your mouth is a very sensitive and painful area.

  • Lip tattoos fade quicker than the other parts of your body.

  • Your mouth is a home for many bacteria that may get infectious.

Tattoo shop Flame Wise Ink DOES NOT RECOMMEND getting hand, finger, foot, neck, face, head, and/or lip tattoos no matter the situation.

As a tattoo shop, Flame Wise Ink DOES NOT GUARANTEE that after leaving the tattoo shop, you will be satisfied with the result after the healing process.

IF YOU DECIDE to get hand, finger, foot, neck, face, head, and/or lip tattoo(s) make sure that you are ready…

  • For the tattoo to fade away within days, weeks or months after you got it — no matter the placement.

  • Constantly pay for a touch-up or repair, so it does not look faded and/or blurry.

  • Experience a lot of pain in sensitive areas.

IMPORTANT: Tattoos done on the hands, fingers, feet, neck, face, head, and/or lips will NOT qualify for “free touch ups” due to the nature of the expected healing in these areas. ANY ADDITIONAL WORK done in these areas will be considered a “repair”, and cost (full or partial) will be up to the discretion of the artist.

Still want to get it?

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About the Author

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