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Booking an Appointment

☝️ Booking an appointment is easy, but there is still a process that needs to be followed in order to get an appointment for your tattoo. Every time you message any of us, we always look for the same information 👀

🚩 What is the design that you are thinking about?
✍️ Well, this is the basic step. Seems reasonable, but a lot of people do not really know what they actually would like to get. That’s okay. We are always here to help you with that! If you do know, please, explain to us your vision of this tattoo. Sending a reference picture is an asset, but very useful.

🚩 How big is your tattoo going to be?
✍️ Understanding how big the size is going to be is essential. Usually, an approximate size in inches or centimeters works the best. If you don’t have a ruler next to you, use the size of your phone; most phones are around 5.5 inches big. The more details you want to fit into your tattoo, the bigger the design needs to be. You cannot fit a full-detailed portrait of a lion into a 2-inch tattoo. The small detailed tattoos you might find on the Internet are photoshopped or its temporary tattoos.

🚩 What would be the placement of this tattoo on your body?
✍️ There are many aspects of what needs to be considered when getting a tattoo on a specific part of your body. Do you have any tattoos in that place already? Do you have damaged skin? How bad?

❗️We do not recommend getting any finger/neck/foot tattoos since there is no guarantee that it will not fade away within several weeks. There is no tattoo shop that can guarantee that finger/neck/foot tattoos are going to stay on your body ❗️

🚩 Would you like your tattoo to be in color or black&grey?
✍️ The price between a tattoo in color and a tattoo in black&grey might be drastic. It is important to understand that colored ink is more expensive than the regular black ink. If you are on a budget, get your tattoo in black&grey. Having a tattoo in color, when your skin is very dark — might be a bad idea because when your tattoo heals, the skin will grow over the wounds and color will not be visible.

🚩 Reference Picture: Could you send me the pictures of what your design might look like?
🚩 Placing Picture: Could you send me the picture of the part of your body where you would like to put it on?
🚩 Budget: What price range are you looking for?

About the Author

About the Author

Flame Wise Ink is a progressive tattoo studio located in Toronto that offers a wide variety of styles done by the best tattoo artists with an individual approach.

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