Tattoo Pain Chart: Where It Hurts Most (And Least)

👉 In the following slides you may see the most and least painful areas for both male and female.

Does the tattoo hurt? Yes 🥺

Is it as bad as you think? Most likely not 😁

The placement of your tattoo, as well as what your sex is, can affect the pain. Some people describe the tattooing process as if your cat was scratching you with its “gentle” claws 🐈

😱 Most Painful Areas:
Armpit; Rib cage; Ankles and shins; Nipples and breasts; Groin; Elbows or kneecap; Behind the knees; Hips; Neck and spine; Head, face, and ears; Lips; Hands, fingers, feet, and toes; Stomach; Inner bicep.

😎 Least Painful Areas:
Upper outer thigh; Forearm; Outer shoulders; Outer bicep; Calves; Upper and lower back.

❗ Tattoos may take minutes to hours to add to your body. If you feel that you are getting tired, or the pain is too strong, make sure that you ask your tattoo artist to take breaks. It is totally okay ✌️

About the Author

About the Author

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