Colour Tattoos

There are plenty of options when it comes to choosing which type of design and style your next tattoo will be. However, have you ever considered getting inked in colour? If you’re still deciding if you want to get a tattoo, this article will give you a brief guide that’s all about colours! No doubt […]

Tattoos That Are Dedicated to Our Pets

Everyone has someone we love so much. For some of us it’s a family member, for others it might be a soulmate or a friend. But today we are going to discover tattoos dedicated to our beloved and lovable pets. Flame Wise Ink family will show you a couple of examples of tattoos our clients […]

Tattoo Removal Cream

People are used to the fact that some aspects of our lives can be made easier. Marketers have come up with all kinds of ads that promote instant healing creams. Today, Flame Wise Ink is going to talk about tattoo removal creams and whether they really work. /*! elementor – v3.7.2 – 21-08-2022 */ .elementor-widget-image{text-align:center}.elementor-widget-image […]

Photo and Video Content In our Studio

Nowadays, online resources and social media have become an integral part of our lives. We really care about our customers, and that’s one of the main reasons why we ask you to stay 5 minutes longer and take all the shots. Today Flame Wise Ink will tell you how our studio is different and why […]

Infected Tattoos

Before we start explaining and making recommendations on how to care for and treat an infected tattoo, we want to say that infection depends on various things. A few examples are your skin concerns, how it reacts to the bandage (second skin), how you take care of the fresh tattoo, sun exposure and others.  There […]

What is a Flash Design?

We cover this title so often on our social media, but we’ve never told you what it is. Today Flame Wise Ink is going to explain to you where and how you might come across this flash design. Let’s not drag it out too long. Flash design is a full-fledged sketch that is developed specifically […]

Booking Your First Tattoo Appointment

Getting your first tattoo is very exciting, but terrifying at the same time, since you don’t really know what to expect. The Flame Wise Ink team finds it necessary to describe how you can book a tattoo appointment, the process and aftercare. We want your first tattoo experience to be comfortable, relaxing and memorable. Step […]

How the Sun Influence My Tattoo through the Years

In the last article we explained to you why your tattoo becomes 10-15% duller 2 months after the session. This blog post will also be useful and knowledgeable as Flame Wise Ink will tell you why a tattoo might likely become barely visible or disappear from your body. Fresh /*! elementor – v3.6.8 – 27-07-2022 */ […]

Fresh Tattoos VS. Healed Tattoos

Many of us remember that moment of excitement when you just got a tattoo and are looking at it. The colors are bright, the lines are clear, and it is just perfect. But after 4-8 weeks, the tattoo becomes a little dull. What’s going on with my skin? Flame Wise Ink will tell you why […]

Tattoo Styles Part 3

We are so happy to tell you that you already know the differences between the 6 styles as Flame Wise Ink described them in previous articles. Today is the final blog post about the styles, in which you will learn about three new ones.  Dotwork  This style is one of the unique styles found in […]