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Deposit for Justice Kerry

If you are looking for vibrant colours and dynamic designs, Justice is guaranteed to deliver a custom design just for you!


Additional Information

Please, make sure you have given your tattoo artist absolutely all relevant information concerning your tattoo. A tattoo artist is going to draw the design based on the details shared with them.

No major changes can be applied to the design after a free consultation with an artist; only small tweaks are allowed. After the design has been drawn and approved by the client, no changes can be made.

The deposit is considered as a drawing fee, and allows an artist to prepare for the appointment as much as possible. Deposit also secures your appointment and guarantees that you will show up in time at the agreed date.

Deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE when:

  • You cancel your appointment within 48 hours of your appointment date.

  • You arrive later than 30 minutes to your tattoo appointment.

  • The design has been started by a tattoo artist.

  • You reschedule more than two times regardless of notice — after the second cancellation, deposit will be fortified.

  • The tattoo appointment is not booked and not completed within six months of the deposit being given.

Deposit is REFUNDABLE when:

  • You give at least 48 hours cancellation notice prior to your appointment date.

  • The design has not been drawn by a tattoo artist.

  • You have an emergency and/or a valid excuse not to be present. NOTE: It will be left at the artist discretion if the deposit will be affected.

The policies mentioned above including, but not limited to, should be considered before proceeding with the payment of a deposit. Some exceptions can be applied only at the artist discretion.